The Phage Maker

The Single-use bioreactor system designed to speed up, improve and increase your phage production.

  • Batch to batch reproducibility
  • Reduced risk of culture contamination and cross-contamination between batches
  • Complete control of the growth environment
  • No mechanical mixing, cleaning or autoclaving

Produce phages quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on more important tasks.

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About Cellexus

At Cellexus, we manufacture the CellMaker range of airlift single-use bioreactor systems.

The CellMaker is specially designed to speed up, simplify and increase bacteriophage amplification. Our patented airlift technology eliminates the need for mechanical mixing, instead using bubbles to move cells and nutrients for optimal aeration. Plus our single-use technology reduces the risk of culture contamination, cross-contamination between batches and offers complete control of the growth environment.

Our expert team are on hand to help you get up and running quickly, while making sure you get the most from your CellMaker system.

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Video: The CellMaker is the ideal Phage Maker

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The Phage Maker

Video: The
Phage Maker

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Blog: Making your bioreactor work for you

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